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About Our Co-Op

Posey County LLC is a farmer-owned supply cooperative with facilities in Posey and adjoining counties in southwest Indiana and southern Illinois, which is open to the public. The company was formed in 1927 by having area farmers each invest in one share of stock. The company continues to grow based on the needs of our customers, and a policy of honesty, quality products and services, and fair pricing are adhered to. Any profits generated are returned to the farmer-owners, retained for operating needs, and paid as income taxes. Following is a list of our facilities with the products and services offered. Give us an opportunity to serve you, we are a unique business with the customers' interests at heart.


235 State Road 68
Haubstadt, IN 47639
(812) 768-6695

St. Wendel

10420 Winery Road
St. Wendel, IN 47638
(812) 963-3391


2333 Highway
Grayville, IL 62844
(618) 375-7728

Mt. Vernon

817 W. 4th St.
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620
(812) 838-4468
(800) 276-7157


250 Railroad Street
Griffin, IN 47616
(812) 851-5761
(800) 276-7160


151 South Lockwood
Poseyville, IN 47633
(812) 874-2213
(800) 453-8326


3300 Interstate Drive
Evansville, IN 47715
Tri State Vet and Pet Supply
(812) 477-4793
(800) 489-9081

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We strive to meet the needs of our customers as promptly as possible. Feel free to call the branch closest to you and discuss how our operation can best meet your needs. Again, thank you for you interest in Posey County Co-op.
Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op
Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op
Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op
Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op Posey County Co-Op



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  • No changes to Greenbelt, Ford now says

    Premier Doug Ford announced that he will keep his original promise to not alter Ontario’s Greenbelt.

  • Top 5 Key Market Movers to Watch the week of September 24

    5 key reports to watch that could have significant impacts on commodity markets the week of September 24th

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    Top farm leaders gathered at the NA/EU Agri-Conference in PEI to foster international collaboration and address major global agricultural issues. Discussions spanned sustainability, global trade, and consumer trends.

  • K-State Releases New Record-Keeping APP For Cattle

    Kansas State University agricultural economics and veterinary medicine staff have developed a record-keeping app for cattle producers that now is available for iPhones and Android devices.

  • Artificial Intelligence: A Sustainable Approach to Today’s Farming

    When it comes to technology, I would not consider myself an early adopter.

  • Extreme Weather and the Food System

    Orange smokey skies. Heat advisories. Long, heavy rains. This summer brought several memorable extreme weather events across the US. In mid-July over 32 states were affected by poor air quality from wildfires in Canada (Hauser, C. and Moses, C. 2023) and in late July, about 60% of the US population was under heat or flood advisories (Costley, D; Frederick, J.B; and Vejpongsa, T. 2023). And while agriculture is no stranger to managing the risk of difficult weather, research has shown that extreme weather events are more likely to occur and may become more intense due to climate change (see EPA, 2023, IPCC, 2021). In this article we discuss public experiences with extreme weather events. We also explore public preferences for government policy to address climate change and extreme weather and whether recent extreme weather events have impacted confidence in the food system. To do so, we utilize results from the Gardner Food and Agricultural Policy Survey (GFAPS), which surveys approxima

  • USDA Expands Efforts to Prevent and Reduce Food Loss and Waste

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced an additional $25 million investment to expand efforts to prevent and reduce food loss and waste.

  • Know Your SCN Numbers: Free Fall Sampling Program Available

    Much smaller and more uniform in size and shape than nitrogen fixing nodules, the female SCN darkens in color and dies with 200-250 eggs inside her as her body hardens to form a cyst.

  • Incentive Programs Doubled Cover Crop Use by Farmers

    A survey of farmers in four Northeast states, including New York, found that incentive payments encouraged participants to plant twice as many acres of cover crops as they did prior to receiving funds – a change that can both improve their farms and mitigate climate change.

  • How Can We Use Nutritional Strategies to Mitigate Methane Emissions From Ruminants?

    This work concludes that using nutritional strategies to regulate CH4 emissions is becoming increasingly possible.

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Farmers Weekly

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